A Leap to Dream

On a chilly November morning in 2014, some youngsters, most of them in their teens, united together for something greater. The youth made a groundbreaking move on a seemingly regular day. They assembled their energetic and curious minds to begin a journey towards fulfilling the dreams of giving back to society by formally establishing an organization, Shangri-La Development Association (SDA).

Following the relentless workshop for three days in December, SDA was carved into an intact and intrinsic shape with a zealous and committed pack who were determined to commence their career in the arena of their dreams eagerly supported by the founders of the development partner (Govinda Association).

The goal of the youth was and still is to serve the underprivileged and marginalized. In Shangrila Orphanage home, they had access to a compassionate environment surrounded by opportunities. Before that, they all had bitter experiences and atypical childhood. 

The youth once shared unlimited affection and a kitchen under one roof. Eventually, the founding members grew and owned strong personalities along the way. Now, they stand as competent, qualified and accomplished individuals. It all became possible due to the noble people of Govinda and Shangrila E.V. 

SDA stands in the notion of extending an opportunity for the needy with the aspiration of making a positive change that endures. SDA has helped uplift the standard of indigenous lives in the rural parts of Nepal. More than thousands have already benefited from the continuous effort over the years.

The reconstruction and emergency aid projects are considered milestones for SDA as an organization. Moving forward, SDA has a real uphill battle as it perseveres on inspiring people and fulfiling long-cherished dreams.

SDA and Sustainable Development

“Purest form of Sustainable development is when the Human think about each other and the future.” 

SDA has internalized the concept of the sustainable development from the first step of laying the foundation of the organization. SDA was established by the keen youths of SOH who were restless to give back to the society against what they received from Govinda and Shangrila.

Yet, the team could not be satisfied by just the giving back concept, so the project was developed in such a way that all the activities of the different project intervention are linked with each other.

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